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If you’re seeking some awesome adventures, come join our Tribe of more than 16,000 Travel Lovers. Since 1989, AFS (formerly Adventures for Singles) has led thousands of people on the most epic global journeys. We’re not your typical tour company. We bounce further to more exotic, dreamy destinations on all continents to stir your sense of wonder. Great places make us great storytellers.

It’s all about Discovery and Connecting. You may be solo but not alone as we meet as strangers and return home as friends. AFS has magical Law of Attraction in drawing the kindest, high quality singles beyond any others. They bring the joy and are the source of our success for 32 years. In our groups, small and large, 75% are repeat regulars but they warmly welcome our “newbies.”

We work to WOW you and it’s hassle free. You just show up and enjoy the surprises on our unique itineraries. Each day is meticulously planned. We know what’s hot and what’s not because we’ve been there before! And you never rough it with our first class properties. We keep our trip prices competitive to give you 5-star places at a 3-star cost.

With only 20 life-enhancing journeys a year, they sell out fast – some in a day. Come explore and play with us. Experience travel that exceeds your expectations so your bucket list overflows of joy.

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A Few Love Letters

Adventures For Solo Group Travel

“A+, Superb, Awesome, Fantastic and any other word that can be used to describe AFS, its participants, trips and leaders. This is what sets AFS apart from any other travel group.” – Anne M.

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” – Unknown

  • “AFS has opened the world to me!  26 AFS trips and still counting to meet fun-loving travelers.” – Liz Edkins
  • “5 stars across the board for this extraordinary tour company! AFS exceeded all my wildest expectations. I’m booking three new trips in 2020.” – D. Jacobs
  • “Adventures for Solo Travelers is the best travel company of all. Where else can you get comprehensive travel experience with a great group of people! No one can compare.” – G. Heibert
  • “I just love AFS! Just returned from my third trip-so unique and fun. I wish I’d found the special group years ago.” – M. Cavetta

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People Really Love Us!

  • Solo travel group“Yes, I’m single. Sorry, no time to meet up. Too busy now traveling the world and creating new friends with Adventures For Solo Travelers.” – Denise G.
  • “Suzy you are the ‘Oprah of Travel.’  I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you do for all you do for us.” – Wendy Trenchard
  • “Five trips with AFS and I’ll never use another company. The hard work they put into itineraries is so evident. They’re amazing destinations provide a lifetime of memories. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone-you’ll return with a whole new group of friends!” – P. Peck
  • “Just completed my 5th trip. AFS is so affordable and well organized with the best groups on the planet. Thank you again Suzy.” – C. Camp
Come with Us

Dream, Explore, Discover !

Qatar & Oman - Real Arabia! - 2019

NOV 25-DEC 4, 2019  Seeking an exotic adventure?  This is
Sailing solo group Croatia

Captivating Croatia by Yacht -2020

July 16-26, 2020 Captivating Croatia by Yacht - Luxury Game of Thrones Cruise  

Exclusive Windstar 5 Country Mayan Voyage - 2020

Feb 10-18, 2020.  Time for some Vitamin Sea!  Chalk white

The World’s Coolest Carnival, Quebec - Canada - 2020

Feb 3-9, 2020 “Ride the Rail to A Winter Wonderland”

AFS Pure Antarctica - Waitlist

Dec 1 - 11, 2020  (Small group)   New AFS Classic
Adventure Along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way Adventure -2020

Sept 29 - October 6, 2020  Adventure Along Ireland’s Wild
iguazu falls solo travel group

Amazing Argentina and Captivating Chile -Waitlist

Nov 10 to 19, 2020  - Amazing Argentina and Captivating  Chile

Imperial Russia, Latvia & Estonia -  Waitlist

May 14-23, 2020  - Imperial Russia, Latvia & Estonia Talk

Bali, Komodo, Flores and Singapore -  Waitlist

April 16 - to 27, 2020  Bali, Komodo, Flores and
AFS Solo Travel N3pal Group

Everest, Elephants – Enchanting Nepal -  Waitlist

April 3 - 11, 2020 “Everest, Elephants – Enchanting Nepal”
Marrakesh Express to a Festival of Roses and the Wild Sahara

Camels to Casbahs - Morocco! -  Waitlist 

May 4 – 12, 2020 “Camels to Kasbahs” – Morocco! Marrakesh Express

Magical Mongolia and The Gobi - 2020

July 9 – 17, 2020 Magical Mongolia and Gobi  “Yaks, Yurts
iconic Mozambique

Africa Bush & Beach Safari - Mozambique - 2020

June 17-27, 2020  Africa Bush & Beach Safari - ”Private
AFS Climb to the Roof of Africa

Summit Mount Kilimanjaro.-2020

Sept 12-21 / 23, 2020 Summit Mount Kilimanjaro “AFS Climb to
South Africa

Affordable AFS South African Safari -2020

Aug 19-27, 2020  Affordable AFS South African Safari  “Whales, Wildlife,
Majestic Malawi & Enchanting Ethiopia

Majestic Malawi & Enchanting Ethiopia -2020

October 4-14, 2020  “Majestic Malawi & Enchanting Ethiopia”  Beaches to
Maldives solo travel group

Dazzling Dubai and Magical Maldives - 2020

December 6-15, 2020  Dazzling Dubai and Magical Maldives Castaway your
Sumo, Shrines, Sake and Joy for Your Senses

Best of Japan and South Korea - 2020

Sep 12-22, 2020    Best of Japan and South Korea

Best of Thailand – River Kwai to Chang Mai - Sold Out

NOV 4-14, 2019  ​The best vacations are the ones with

The Best of China - Sold Out

OCT 22-31, 2019   Step into a virtual fairytale land

Tasty Tuscany - Best of Italy - Sold Out

Sept 29- Oct 6, 2019. Adiano – Calling all AFS Foodies!

“Cars, Cigars and Cuba At Large” - Sold Out

NOV 3-9, 2019  Come, step back in time with AFS.

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