When you’re planning a solo getaway, you have a lot of different solo travel companies. You can go on your own, follow your friends, take an organized tour, or travel with a travel tour company. At Adventures for Solo Travelers, we think you should join a travel tour company for your next trip, and in particular, we think you should choose us. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition.

Boutique Services Focused on You

When you work with solo travel companies, you can often tell what their motives are from how they’re set up. Sadly, a lot of solo travel companies are all about the profits. They over-pack their trips, offer subpar experiences, and spend a lot of time and money talking about why they’re the best. At Adventures for Solo Travelers, we’re different. Although we’re a business, we’ve never even considered just focusing on profits. We travel because we love it, and we specialize in boutique services with small groups and 12 to 18 hand-selected quality locations every year.