What’s New For 2019?

There’s a variety of 18 escapes to suit all tastes.  Some trips new, some we repeated as many waitlisted couldn’t get on, all are exciting!

Smaller group size – You asked for this and we’re striving to reduce from 40+ down to 18 to 36 participants max.  Kindly understand that suppliers’ base prices on numbers.   The smaller the group, the higher the cost, also our Waitlists will be even longer with trips filling quicker.  (People beg to get on trips and it’s so hard to say no.  If the group does get too big, we will split it in half with 2 guides and coaches.)  We truly hope this new formula work for you.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – unknown.

We’ve been around a long time – LOL!