If you’re looking for a solo getaway you will never forget look no further than Adventures for Solo Travelers. We take travelers right here in our backyard to exciting, un-touristy locations they might not be able to travel to on their own. Hankering to see something new? Then, check out our following upcoming adventures.

Sky Spa with the Alps at Your Feet

It’s not too late to plan a summer getaway, and our Sky Spa trip is the perfect option. Scheduled from June 23 to July 1, this trip takes you through charming European villages in four countries: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The experience starts with adventurous activities such as snow tubing and paragliding in the alps. After a day of it gives you time to wind down at one of the poshest, most relaxing spas in Europe.

If you’ve always dreamed of stepping into the opening scene of the Sound of Music, this is the trip for you. You get to see the one of the world’s most stunning mountain ranges, while also enjoying Swiss chocolate, German schnitzel, and other classic delights from this corner of the world.

Traveling can be expensive, and to protect yourself financially, you may want to invest in travel insurance. This type of coverage kicks in if the trip gets canceled, but it also helps to protect you from potential mishaps on the road. Whether you’re going on a solo trip or a group adventure, here’s why you should definitely get travel insurance and a few tips to help you find the best policy for your needs.

Trip Cancellations

The value of travel insurance starts before you take off on your solo adventure. These policies often cover issues such as flights canceled due to storms, cruises canceled due to domestic disturbances, or similar problems. They often offer coverage that goes above and beyond what is offered by the company from which you purchased the tickets.

Additionally, top notch travel insurance policies also offer coverage if you cancel for any reason. For instance, with an any-type-of-cancellation policy, you could potentially get a refund on your travel expenses if you have to cancel the trip because your babysitter got ill, a family member needs help, or for similar personal reasons.

Medical Issues

Unfortunately, sometimes when you’re traveling, illness can happen, and if you want to ensure that you avoid racking up hospital bills in foreign countries, you need travel insurance that covers health-related issues. In the very rare case that you may have to cut your trip short due to an illness, you should also book coverage that covers the cost of getting back home. That way, whether you’re rock climbing, trying the local cuisine, or doing anything else that could be potentially risky, you can rest assured that you are covered.

When reviewing travel insurance policies, make sure to pay attention to whether or not the policy covers pre-existing conditions. You may also want to look for coverage that includes mental and psychological issues as well as physical conditions.

Premiums, Deductions, and Limits

On a basic level, travel insurance for a solo trip works just like any other type of insurance. First, you pay a premium up front for your coverage. Then, if something happens and you need to make a claim, you may also have to pay a deductible. Finally, the insurer may have limits on the amount of coverage. For instance, the policy may cover medical costs up to $1 million but not beyond that. When comparing different policies, make sure to keep these three elements in mind.

Extra Coverage

Finally, many travel insurance policies offer lots of little extras that can be extremely useful when you’re on the road. That includes coverage for lost luggage, rebanking frequent flyer miles if you have to cancel, and 24-hour concierge services.

When you’re on a solo trip, you need travel insurance more than ever because you don’t have other travelers to fall back on in the event of an emergency. At Adventures for Solo Travelers, we offer group trips for solo travelers. That gives you the advantages of traveling with a group, even if you’re on your own. To book a trip or to learn more about travel insurance, contact us today.

There’s a gazillion tour companies floating around the internet  – but how do you know which ones offer legitimate exotic vacation packages?

When planning a vacation, most travelers want the lowest price possible to escape. In order to go on a shoe string budget, naïve travelers search straight to “cheaperosity.com” and gravitate to whatever option is the “best deal.” Settling for the least expensive exotic vacation packages can eventually end up being waste of time and money on a place that will underwhelm you. Do you want to be bored to death eating at a fast food restaurant in Cancun, or do you want to experience something new, fresh, and exhilarating?

Adventures for Solo Travelers provides more than a vacation. We give you an unforgettable experience to be shared for years to come.

Let’s say a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You want to do your own research. You Google local tour operators for Nepal. You pick “Yak on a Budget Travel”, because they are dirt cheap and you send them a PayPal deposit. Five months later, no one greets you at the airport upon arrival. Outside, Kathmandu assaults your senses, but you manage to hail a taxi to your 2-star hotel bordering on a youth hostel.  No breakfast, bad bed. Your guides are subpar. You get half-day tours daily instead of full days as promised in vans with no AC. At each famous site, the guide says, “Need money now for entrance fees.”  And the whole vacation continues to be miserable and frustrating for 8 long days of disappointment. Meanwhile, you watch other tour groups gleefully exiting deluxe motor coaches and head to the front of the lines for the best vantage points.

A gentle reminder dear travel lover – Do your research on exotic vacation packages credentials first!

Choose exotic vacation packages with a proven track record of reliability.

What makes Dubai the perfect solo travel destination? It can be a perfect juxtaposition of ultramodern with the ancient – rare, new, and exciting.

We came to planet Dubai to be astonished and this 21st century wonder did deliver. Since my visit last year, it has exploded with even more growth. Dubai seeks to become the world’s unique, premier solo travel destination. With favorable tax rates, it is now home to worldwide mega corporations. Credit is due to the ruling sheik with his entrepreneurial vision and super tolerance. He’s the opposite of xenophobic.

The 7 emirates are sandwiched between Iran, Qatar, Oman and Saudi. Each tiny kingdom is ruled by an emir or sheik. Once upon a time, Dubai was a sleepy village for pearl diving and camel trading. Today it expands at an astounding rate with 800 miles of new shoreline added from the manmade islands. The hundreds of new islands in The Palm and The World are visible from space. This land of sun, sand, sea, snow and sex is a pocket of freedom in Arabia with such titles as; “Las Vegas of the Middle East”, “St. Tropez of the Gulf” and “Monaco of the Desert.”

The dichotomy is found in its Islamic culture within an environment of western affluence forming a total fusion of East meets West.

When many people think of group travel tours, they think of a stuffy experience and being drug from event to event based on someone else’s itinerary, but that’s not the case anymore. Group tours have changed, and even for the adventurous traveler who likes to get off the beaten path, group tours can offer a lot of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons these tours are a more fun way to see the world.

If you’re dreaming about exotic vacations for 2018, you may be wondering where to go. At Adventures for Solo Travelers, we have several upcoming trips, and we would love it if you joined us for one of our next adventures. Here’s a look at four of our upcoming favorites for 2018.

Are You Looking For Something More Than The Average Solo Groups?

Never underestimate the mysterious beauty of India. Everyone knows of the wonders of Delhi and the strange, romantic Taj Mahal. In truth, they are “must see’s—destinations you see on a postcard, or browsing a ‘top ten places to go in india’ list. But after you witness India’s greatest hits the question remains—where do you go from there? It’s almost hard to imagine the amazing experiences that await in any direction. I like to say India a bombardment of sights, sounds, taste, and smell. It is a place that can all at once overwhelm your senses and also a place that can bring you peace.

“Coddiwomple” means to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. A solo trip for the soul, so to speak.  I’ll be coddiwompling my way to regions unknown to me. Intentionally, I Googled nothing and reviewed no maps. This would dilute my joy of discovery. I revel in the element of surprise to confirm the axiom, “tourists don’t know where they’ve been and travelers don’t know they’re going.”

Traveling on your own can be a lot of fun, but in some cases, you may want to join a group. To ensure your journeys are just as pleasant with a group as they are when you travel solo, you may want to check out these solo travel ideas and tips.

Travelling the world is a fabulous way to learn about other cultures, see new things, try new foods, and most importantly have fun, but unfortunately, when you’re planning solo travel trips, the costs can add up. At Adventures for Singles, we understand those challenges, and we’re committed to bringing our clients five star experiences on an affordable budget.