Book AFS with Confidence 

No doubt 2020 will go down in history as our most challenging year.  While it’s not clear when the world will return to some semblance of normalcy, the simple act of planning a trip raises our Joy Meters.  2021 can be our time for some well-deserved self-indulgence and rejuvenation of our souls after so much time just dreaming of an escape. Our intrepid AFS Tribe is a resilient lot who take their vacations seriously. They’ve been reaching out to us and are anxious to bounce back with pent-up demand and accepting the new rules of travel. They will be the ones to slowly pave the way for others to follow when they feel comfortable.  
The health of our Travelers comes first. As the world slowly opens, we are dedicated to creating responsible adventures!  We will re-discover the world through more slow, easy and mindful travel.  Booking travel now is complex with rules always changing. Tour companies can’t become “health and safety experts” when policies are inconsistent, but we’ll do our best. This is a learning process for all of us and as we go, we will strive to make each step as safe and seamless as possible for you.

Travel always gives back to protect jobs with sustainable social responsibility. Wonder-seeking Americans who thrive on new experiences are committed to GO and help rebuild an industry that anxiously awaits their return! Risk is a part of the equation in travel as well as life itself. We understand the risks of COVID, but we have spent months educating ourselves in ways to go forward. Most of those who are healthy will choose to live life over fear and start exploring again.

Now, more than ever, booking your vacation with a travel expert is vital. It’s not the time to piece together an international journey off some “” website. You need guidance for seamless travel on a well-choreographed itinerary with confidence and concern for your well-being. AFS trips are fully escorted.  Month to month, each trip will be assessed for its viability.  We’ll keep you informed. Reports are now surfacing that the travel trajectory is getting a little better day by day.

We at AFS assure you we will continue to offer you quality trips to countries where you will feel protected – countries that are going to extraordinary lengths now to provide a safe visit. Each destination is far less crowded than ever before and that means better personal attention.  Planes are half full and we can trust our astute global suppliers when each country is clear to visit. We’re taking great precautions and encourage you to remain positive.

Our Pledge to You:

The health of our travelers comes first. We are dedicated to creating responsible adventures!  We will rediscover the world through more careful and mindful travel.

  • Our global, vetted suppliers uphold the highest standards under new CDC guidelines.
  • We ensure that heightened sanitation methods have been adopted in every place we visit and that all hotel properties and vehicles have passed cleanliness protocols.
  • Our guides and drivers must test negative and pass stringent safety measures.
  • Most of our groups will be limited to half the size of normal in the past.
  • We are choosing destinations with wide-open spaces for physical distancing.
  • Some private tours for groups of friends only can be arranged.
  • We’ll monitor your trip closely and provide a 24/7 emergency number if your trip is disrupted.
  • All clients will sign the AFS pledge that they are COVID-free and will follow all the safety protocols.
  • We relaxed booking conditions with most trip deposits at only $250 and final payment deadlines from 4 months out to 70 days before departure.