Why Group Travel Tours are a More Fun Way to See the World

When many people think of group travel tours, they think of a stuffy experience and being drug from event to event based on someone else’s itinerary, but that’s not the case anymore. Group tours have changed, and even for the adventurous traveler who likes to get off the beaten path, group tours can offer a lot of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons these tours are a more fun way to see the world.

Save Time Planning

Planning a trip can be fun, but it’s also time consuming. With group travel tours, you don’t have to worry about spending weeks or months planning your trip. The tour company handles all that for you. You can just relax and pack for your next big adventure.

Ensure You Don’t Miss Anything

Unless you’re an expert in the history, culture, and ecosystem of an area, it’s easy to overlook things when planning a trip. Many people travel halfway around the world and then forget to see some of the most important sites. Group tours are planned by experts who know the best parts of every area. They ensure that you don’t miss any essentials.

Easier to Try New Experiences

In a lot of cases, when you travel on your own, you can’t do everything. It’s hard to set up a lot of solo experiences, but on group travel tours, the tour operator plans activities for the whole group. For instance, on the African Bush and Beach tour, travelers stay at the Manyatta Rock Camp in South Africa, and then, they go on wildlife safaris through Kruger National Park then fly to Mozambique for a five day marine safari. While it can be possible to plan events like that on your own, it’s easier to manage these experiences with a group. It also tends to be more affordable.

Safety in Numbers

Traveling alone carries a lot of risks, and when you’re with a group of travelers, you get to enjoy safety in numbers along with national licensed tour guides. Whether you are traveling on a train into Machu Piccu, facing giant polar bears in Churchill, Canada, or exploring a remote area of the Amazon, being with other people makes the experience safer. The group has your back.

Built-in Camaraderie

That said, safety is a small part of why many people love group travel tours. Many people embark on these adventures because of the built-in camaraderie. When you set off with a group, you have a like-minded selection of people who are interested in the same part of the world as you. As you see new sites and share experiences, you can talk about the journey and learn new things together. Many people make lifelong friends and future travel partners on these trips.

Less Stress

Finally, for all the reasons listed above and many others, traveling with a group is less stressful than traveling on your own. You don’t have to book individual rooms, tours, and experiences. You simply choose your destination and let the tour company take care of the rest for you. Whether you want to attend a Hawaiian luau, explore volcanos, or hike through rainforests in three Hawaiian islands, you don’t have to stress about it. Someone books the experience, and being with a group helps to ensure your fun and safety.

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