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Feb 14-21 Winter Wonderland Safari in Lapland

Feb 14 – 21, 2023  Say Aurora Borealis three times fast? A glistening Arctic kingdom of snow and ice awaits for what will be your coolest vacation ever! This trip to the Top of the World is one that AFS clients constantly beg us for a repeat, but this time, we’re doing it even cooler with off-the-charts scenery and large fun for what is truly an Arctic Disneyland for adults to defrost your hearts.  

Wonders of Saudi Arabia

September 18 – 26, 2023   “Keys to the Kingdom, Mysterious Saudi”  Small Group

Join Adventures For Solo Travelers to mysterious Saudi Arabia to an unimaginable land shrouded in ancient traditions where history blends with contemporary luxury. If you are a culture-vulture and a wonder seeker to places not like home, this is your vacation destination!


Featuring AFS Antarctica Ultimate Voyage 2023

December 5 to 17, 2023   Come channel your inner explorer on a once in a lifetime voyage to the End of the World! There’s nothing like the magic of the blue and white wonder that is Antarctica.


Sun-drenched Mauritius with Turkey

Nov 24 or 27- Dec 6, 2023   Talk about a unique dual destination to two of the world’s coolest places, nothing can top a Sea Safari in breathtaking Mauritius coupled with delightful explorations of Istanbul! Why combine these two?

Patagonia Expedition Voyage

Oct 28- Nov 5, 2023  Join Adventures For Solo Travelers to Patagonia is a combo land/cruise program to the southern tip of South America.  Come be a part of an exploration voyage to a land like no other – retracing the paths of legendary explorers such as Darwin and Magellan in an expedition to the bottom of South America.



Wildlife & Dunes of Namibia

Oct 22-31, 2023 Wonders of Namibia “The Orphaned and the Wild”. 

Join us in Namibia for Desert, Dunes, Bushmen and Baboons. Our 9-day adventure is wild, beautiful, and thrilling! AFS Travelers love animals.  Our new vacation creation is a photographer’s dream as we get you up close to the wildlife in one of the coolest countries on earth.  


AFS Galapagos Solo travel

New Galapagos Island Hopping in Style

July 31- Aug 7, 2023 AFS Galapagos

Galapagos is back. After extensive research, we at AFS designed this with the best way to experience all by both land and sea. On land, you’ll get eye to eye encounters with wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Walk among hundred-year-old tortoises and watch the courtship dance of blue footed boobies.

Cruise Croatia by Private Yacht

July 27 – August 5, 2023      Island Hopping the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

Join us and sail for 8 glorious days of luxury aboard our own private yacht as we explore the stunning coast of Croatia and the Pearls of the Adriatic.  Now it’s your turn for some Vitamin Sea!

Fitness hike south africa

New AFS Amazing Race South Africa!

Sept 10-19, 2023   AFS Hiking the South African Cape – Trekking South Africa, Bush to Beach

Join us on an AFS Travelers Amazing Race South Africa!  This Africa fitness expedition like no other, with whales, wines, and wildlife as you hike stunning vistas that will take your breath away.

Madagascar – Wild, Weird Wonderful

June 11 – 21, 2023   Madagascar

Join us on this for Islands, lemurs and whales, oh my… We’re mad about Mada! Magical Madagascar is truly the world’s most weirdly wonderful destination. Exotic species, postcard-perfect tropical beaches abound and underwater landscapes are pure heaven. Past AFS groups have gushed over their experiences here and our new itinerary covers even more adventures of one of the most unique and beautiful countries you’ll ever hope to visit.

Heavenly Bhutan

May 13-21, 2023  Best of Bhutan

Perched high in the cradle of the Himalayas, Buddhist Bhutan is a magical and mystical land of mighty mountains, sacred lakes, idyllic villages. This is the real ”Shangri-La” or Land of the Thunder Dragan, deemed  as the happiest country on earth.  Come with us on this exhilarating AFS adventures and you’ll be amazed why. Our past groups loved it! Borders are now open.  This is a standalone vacation or post extension to those on our Taj and Tiger trip to India.

Taj & Tigers Solo Tour

Temples & Tigers, India

May 4-14, 2023  Taj & Tigers India

Namaste solo travel lovers! Of all our past Adventures For Solo Travelers groups to India, our Glamping with tigers is the most favored as the best of India.  See details…