Greetings in a Spirit of Adventure from Suzy Davis

Dear Travel Lover,

From humble beginnings with big dreams, we now enter our 34th year of inspiring globetrotters with a new design for living.  I marvel at our growth with heartfelt gratitude to thousands now in our travel family!   If you don’t know me yet, click here to read the how and why I started AFS.   The greatest reward from my avocation is sharing the world with others and seeing transformations from their sheer joy of exploration.

Together we discover the world, one country at a time. The love of travel always proliferates itself. The more you see, the more you long to see.  Each new place draws us to greater awareness, centers us in what’s important and is an education for a living. Travel flexes our curiosity, stretches our imagination and allows us to play!   The world is our playground and you deserve a recess. With each departure comes the double delights of anticipation and then forever memories.

I know you have high expectations for a thrilling vacation. In designing getaways over decades, I strive to present life-enhancing journeys to extraordinary places others only dream about. Our solo travel groups bounce farther, not only for Bragging Rights but to special places where the most profound moments are made. AFSer’s don’t want ‘touristy cookie-cutter tours’, nor do we copy other’s itineraries, as others do with us.   They insist on exciting authentic adventures. Our creative itineraries are unique. We are your concierge of Large Fun!

I know you want unsurpassed value on your annual vacay investment. Your savings comes from our large group buying power.  Our preferred suppliers over decades are like our family providing only us premium accommodations. Our goal is to give you 5-star trips at 3-star prices. And you’ll save time. No research or planning. Just come relax and savor. Let us sweat the small stuff as we choreograph it all, especially now during the pandemic. We are meticulous in providing you a safe trip with no worries. 

I know you want peace of mind in good hands abroad.  We use the best local operators referred by Tourist Boards.  Before each AFS Escape, you’ll get detailed Trip Tips to help you prepare.  Experienced Guides and Adventures For Solo Travelers Gracious Trip Leaders are vital to run a smooth trip.  Ours are outstanding. Our vetted global suppliers and local teams are the most reputable in each country.

I know you want to be in good company.  It’s not just where you go but who you go with. Check out our AFS Travelers Hall of Fame of those over 10+ trips with us. You couldn’t find more kind travel enthusiasts anywhere!  The Zen of our singles travel groups have a spirit of a community who share a common passion for cultural immersion, scenic nature, wildlife and a thirst for fun. You’ll feel welcome joining us “solo” and return home with a possie of new Forever Friends!  The camaraderie is beyond words and is the ultimate success of the AFS story. Sometimes there’s romance and even marriage, 24 so far.  Click here to read  how I met and married Terry on one of our Africa safaris.   We Connect! 

Please read more to understand our vision for you at We’re Different, thousands of Testimonials and our fabulous real Photo Gallery – no stock pics here.   Read my Trip Intros to learn and to determine which trip makes your heart leap!  Your future self will thank you.  (Call me if you need help choosing.  I have a good picker.)  The world beckons you.  We are your passport for awesome escapes.  As a Travel Architect, all I do is construct dreams.  I remain dedicated to making yours come true.

Your Faithful Dream Weaver,

Suzy Davis AFS Travelersuzy


“I believe the website read, ‘Amazing vacations, great prices, new friends, see the world’. That’s an understatement.  My first AFS trip was all that and more.  I was hesitant to travel with a group of strangers but was accepted by all and made amazing new friends.  I was able to visit a country I’d never do on my own.  I didn’t have to do any planning which is HUGE for this over-thinker.” – Patty Gregger