How & Why Suzy Started It All…
I was born with the gypsy spirit and insatiable wanderlust. I think my daddy passed down the escapism gene. As my girlfriends collected dolls, I collected globes to spin and dream. Missionaries I knew made me long for a places not like home. I became a flight attendant. For 14 years, I used my wings to go everywhere possible. My dream was to visit 100 different countries and be a member of the Century Club. Today my dreams have become reality with countless countries stamped in my passports. I’ve been humbled and filled with gratitude. Now I’m blessed with the noble purpose of sharing each place with others! I want to stretch the horizons of propulsive travelers to places they’d never go alone. I want to watch them awaken all their senses with the perpetuation of wonder just as I have.
I’ll be doing this until I’ll need to bring my collapsible walker with Adventures For Seniors or until I die. I am determined to die with memories, not just dreams.     Back to Letter from Suzy



Solo Travel is fun