Adventures For Solo Travelers

The Real Difference

Inspired Solo Vacation Packages: The Real AFS Difference!

Traveling alone on a solo vacation package often gets an undeserved bad reputation. Going on a solo trip can change you fundamentally. Some might say you’re crazy but here at Adventures for Solo Travelers invite you to be a little crazy and get a taste of the world on your own terms! Our solo vacation packages can be way more freeing and more fun than traveling with friends or family. When you go on solo adventures with a group, you get the best of both worlds. Our solo vacations packages can give you a true taste of wanderlust and independence!

Your Solo Vacation Package, Designed With You in Mind

Choosing solo vacation packages doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to travel all on your own. Going with a group can enhance the experience. You will make lifelong friends and share unforgettable memories together. With a group tour, you get the benefits of a tour leader who’s scouted each location and who can ensure that you’re getting the best options for your trip. However, you can pick and choose what you want to do with the group. You also get the built-in safety of being with other people. If you’re climbing the Andes, going on an African river safari, or checking out the Amazon jungle, a few knowledge adventurers by your side can be a real boon.

Choosing Locations for Solo Tours and Adventures

When you’re traveling on your own, you get to choose where you go, and there are all kinds of destinations that are perfect for the solo traveler. Ultimately, you need to think about what you want — that can be hard for some people, especially when you’re used to putting your children first, taking your parent’s considerations into account, or thinking about the opinions of your colleagues. Luckily, when you choose a solo vacation package case, you can put all that aside.

You simply need to think about the place that speaks to you. Is there a destination you’ve always dreamed of? Whether that’s somewhere more urban or somewhere exotic and hidden – there’s nothing stopping you. On the other hand, is there something you’ve always wanted to see? For some people, that’s a particular work of art, for others it’s a festival in a foreign location, a certain ocean, or a mountain range. What about activities? Have you always wanted to feed baby animals, sail on the world’s tallest ship, or relax at top-notch spas? Even if you don’t know anyone else who wants to do those things, it’s okay — you can do them on your own.

You work hard, and you deserve to play hard. Treat yourself to a solo vacation package you will never forget, and join us on one of our upcoming trips. At Adventures for Solo Travelers, we’re always planning something new so contact us today and keep checking back for more ideas and possibilities.

It’s our travel family!  Anyone can go anywhere with any tour company for any wow-factor.  (We don’t know why, but AFSers really connect.  It’s as if Travel fares sprinkle love and kindness dust on our groups.)  We draw warm-hearted people who make you feel “a part of” the tribe.  You can’ help but return home with a bunch of new forever friends.

“Traveling with such fun-loving and kind-hearted kindred souls s what makes AFS trips so amazing.”  Rose Roberts.