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AFS Solo TravelersTravel. Connect. Belong – If you’re an adventure seeker, come join our Tribe of more than 14,000 Travel Lovers. Since 1989, AFS (formerly Adventures for Singles) has led thousands of people on the most epic global journeys. We’re not your typical tour company. We bounce farther to more exotic, dreamy destinations on all continents to stir your sense of wonder. Pick a trip that’ll give you goosebumps.  Great places make us great Storytellers.

Travel Solo Not Alone – We aim to captivate and connect.  You may be solo but not alone.  We meet as strangers and return home as friends. AFS has a magical Law of Attraction in drawing the kindest singles beyond any others.  They bring the laughter and are the source of our success for 3 decades.  New forever-friends are waiting to meet you.  We average 75% of repeat regulars per trip and “newbies” are warmly welcomed. Many have done over 30+ trips with us, like Bob H. with 51 AFS trips.  Come be a part of our travel loving family.

More Thrills, Less Worries – We work to WOW you and it’s hassle-free. Just show up for the surprises on our unique itineraries. Each fully escorted day is well planned. We know what’s hot and what’s not because we’ve been there before! And you never rough it with our first-class properties. Our escapes are affordable with competitive prices to give you 5-star places at a 3-star cost.  Our groups are smaller in 2023, so book early. Let us meticulously navigate your trips this year for an easier way to travel.

More Adventure & Forever Friends –  The world is open.  We’re a resilient bunch with an undeterred spirit of exploration.  Now is a great time to travel.  You deserve the recess. It’s time to play again and feel fully alive.  Our life-enhancing journeys sell out fast – some in a day.  Experience vacations that exceed your expectations so your bucket list overflows with joy.  Let us bring your dreams to life –  together, one country at a time!    

“Oh the places you will go.” – Dr. Seuess.  

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New 2023 Aha Moments!

Ah-Ha 2021

Craving wonder? Come escape, explore and discover our new AFS journeys that leap beyond your imagination. As your Concierge of Large Fun and now smaller groups, we raised the bar this year with a collection of fully escorted trips to get your adventure on.  AFSers insist on having fun because life is short. We want you to die with happy memories, not wishes.  “Cover the earth before it covers you.”  You deserve a jaw-dropping journey.

Enough waiting and dreaming. 2023 is your year to make up for lost time.  Trust us to lead you through any rules or protocols.  We put great thought into these specific destinations for your ease of visiting.  This year presents safe and trendy places worthy of any traveler’s bucket list with 18 new getaways.  All provide stimulation to lift your spirits. All are remarkably memorable, and the adrenaline is free.  There’s a variety for all tastes.  Pick a trip that makes your heart leap and let us Wow you!

Our Seasoned Explorers can visit places far from the ordinary. Our Culture Vultures can play hide & seek with history. AFS Fitbits can actively embrace challenges.  AFS Aquaholics and Serenity Seekers can opt for relaxation in the lap of luxury. Our AFS Afriholics will be enthralled with new safaris.  Some trips we must repeat because they were just that Thrilling!  Many may not be repeated again for years. This is your year to channel your wander lost into plans.

With small group sizes now, book early as trips fill fast with long waitlists.  Before you scroll to the trip cost at the bottom of each itinerary, please read my Intros to get inspired to find your best match. Choose epic places that lend compelling stories to tell. Collect experiences, not things – the Kondo way. Dare to dream and spoil your inner child this year. Carpe Vacay…let the memories begin!

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Dream, Explore, Discover !

Wonders of Saudi Arabia

September 18 - 26, 2023   “Keys to the Kingdom, Mysterious

Amazing Grace Holy Land Tour

October 9-17, 2023 Amazing Grace Holyland Tour to Israel Join

Cruise Croatia by Private Yacht

July 27 – August 5, 2023      Island Hopping

Gorilla & Chimp Trek, Uganda

August  5 – 13, 2023 AFS "Gorillas in the Mist
Fitness hike south africa

New AFS Amazing Race South Africa!

Sept 10-19, 2023   AFS Hiking the South African Cape - Trekking

Bali, Komodo & Singapore - Sold out

March 24 - April 3, 2023  Bali, Komodo, Flores and

Sun-drenched Mauritius with Turkey

Nov 24 or 27- Dec 6, 2023   Talk about a

AFS Antarctica Ultimate Voyage 2023 - Book Now!

December 5 to 17, 2023   Come channel your inner explorer

Patagonia Expedition Voyage

Oct 28- Nov 5, 2023  Join Adventures For Solo Travelers

Wildlife & Dunes of Namibia

Oct 22-31, 2023 Wonders of Namibia "The Orphaned and the
AFS Galapagos Solo travel

New Galapagos Island Hopping in Style

July 31- Aug 7, 2023 AFS Galapagos Galapagos is back.

Madagascar - Wild, Weird Wonderful

June 11 - 21, 2023   Madagascar Join us on this

AFS Best of Australia - Sold out

March 29  - April 7, 2023 The Best of Australia   Join us

Trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Sold out

May 23-31, 2023   Deep in the Andes- Sacred Valley to

Heavenly Bhutan

May 13-21, 2023  Best of Bhutan Perched high in the
Taj & Tigers Solo Tour

Temples & Tigers, India

May 4-14, 2023  Taj & Tigers India Namaste solo travel

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A Few Love Letters

  • “AFS has opened the world to me!  26 AFS trips and still counting to meet fun-loving travelers.” – Liz Edkins
  • “5 stars across the board for this extraordinary tour company! AFS exceeded all my wildest expectations. I’m booking three new trips in 2020.” – D. Jacobs
  • “Adventures for Solo Travelers is the best travel company of all. Where else can you get comprehensive travel experience with a great group of people! No one can compare.” – G. Heibert
  • “I just love AFS! Just returned from my third trip-so unique and fun. I wish I’d found the special group years ago.” – M. Cavetta
Adventures For Solo Group Travel

“A+, Superb, Awesome, Fantastic and any other word that can be used to describe AFS, its participants, trips and leaders. This is what sets AFS apart from any other travel group.” – Anne M.

“Absolutely loved my first AFS trip.  I hate crowds, but this was like being with a group of friends.  I can’t emphasize enough our level of service we had – pampered in every way.  If you want a stress-free vacation, I can’t say enough good things about AFS.  This group is for you! – Lisa Forrest

AFS Iceland – My first AFS trip gets 5 of of 5 stars! I couldn’t be more grateful for such an amazing group of people and an outstanding trip leader that made this a glaring success. 8 days, having to share a cabin with a stranger who then became my best friend. Iceland, worth every cent, was a trip of a lifetime! – Ann Mesz

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People Really Love Us!

Alpine trek solo

  • “Suzy you are the ‘Oprah of Travel.’  I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you do for all you do for us.” – Wendy Trenchard
  • “Five trips with AFS and I’ll never use another company. The hard work they put into itineraries is so evident. They’re amazing destinations provide a lifetime of memories. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone-you’ll return with a whole new group of friends!” – P. Peck
  • “Just completed my 5th trip. AFS is so affordable and well organized with the best groups on the planet. Thank you again, Suzy.” – C. Camp

Adventures For Solo Travelers is the best tour company! You get comprehensive travel experiences with the best groups of people. Suzy works hard each year to develop unique trips. No one can compare to her. – Greg Hiebert

To my single friends – if you want to explore the world, I recommend AFS, they are awesome! Suzy Davis works so hard making sure no details are left out and that everyone has the best vacation possible. – Dawn P.

Suzy, our Africa adventure was a once in a lifetime experience. You have a competitive edge others can’t match with premium accommodations and incredible itineraries. Most of my friends have come from AFS. Thank you for making adventure so easy for us. – Susan March