AFS in this document refers to Adventures For Solo Travelers aka Adventures For Singles Inc. which are one in the same entity.

PASSPORTS:  Each traveler is responsible to provide AFS with accurate passport information.  It is your responsibility to ensure your passport has two (2) blank pages and is valid for six (6) months after the conclusion of the tour. Travelers missing flights or denied boarding because of improper documentation not receive any compensation or refunds. If you are not a U.S. passport holder, it is your responsibility to obtain proper documentation.

VISAS: Each traveler is responsible to obtain visas if it is required for travel. AFS is not a passport and visa service, but we can point you in the right direction in Trip Tips. Ultimately it is your responsibility to obtain your travel visa.  If you are not a U.S. passport holder, you must obtain visas yourself.

TOUR DOCUMENTS: Most tour documents are now electronic and no paper copies necessary. If paper documents are necessary, you will be notified of how they will be distributed (or if you need to print them). Airline group departments rarely provide paper tickets, but we will provide reservation/confirmation/ticket numbers needed once they are ticketed.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Sightseeing per itinerary with service of English speaking guides. Meals and entrance fees as specified. Transportation by deluxe motor coach, transfers, hotels etc. Itineraries are usually prepared a year in advance and schedules may be amended to incorporate changes, improvement or adjustment to local conditions.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Personal expenses such as phone calls, WIFI fees, visas, any optional excursions, beverages, souvenirs, meals not included in itinerary. Gratuities outside of those collected for local guide & driver.  Any cost resulting from deviation of itinerary.

GROUP AIR: Groups can save money but are more restrictive.   A $150 group air deposit is required to reserve a seat.  This non-refundable after 5 days from this deposit.  Any changes or cancellations carry strict penalties. New airline ticket rules require middle name (if on passport), gender and DOB. Some will require passport copy to book seat. Airfare can be subject to change until group is ticketed (i.e., fuel surcharge, taxes, etc.). We block group air seats 10 months ahead of departure. This holds our reservation, but even deposits in advance are not legal barriers to these increases. The total ticket cost is not confirmed until we ticket you – usually 45 days out. 

Seat Assignments for groups are usually done at check-in. Airlines are now charging higher deposits further out to secure reservations. Once ticketed, airlines state that international group ticket is non-refundable after issued in participant’s name. You will be provided reservation/confirmation/ticket information prior to departure and since the vast majority of airlines use e-tickets now, this information and your passport is what is required. If different, you will be notified. International air requires check in 3-hours prior departure. If you miss your departure it is your responsibility to reach the destination by working with the airline directly. Schedules can change often. We urge you to re-check exact flight times prior to departure. We are not responsible for flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes. Airport Transfers:  There is one group airport transfer on arrival and departure. If your air times do not match, you will need to do your own transfers.  AFS does not arrange private transfers,  Think Uber or taxis.

GROUP AIR CANCELLATION: Due to stricter airline booking requirements, higher penalties & fees and difficulty in managing Group Air blocks, a $100 penalty will be imposed if canceling off Group Air.

BOOKING OWN AIR: If making your own flight arrangements, we recommend that you wait closer to departure before purchasing tickets. Changes can happen with Group Air schedule up until ticketing.  Should you choose to ignore our advice getting air before tips are presented and though unlikely, a change occurs that causes a mismatch, any airline change fees are your responsibility.

BAGGAGE: Each traveler is allowed 1 suitcase (under 50 lbs.) and 1 carry on (up to 17”x14”x18”). Airlines have their own restrictions and imposed limits, exceeding airline baggage weight restrictions will incur extra costs. AFS porterage included for 1 suitcase between airports and hotel lobby.

TRIP DEVIATIONS:Please note AFS does not assist with making your individual travel arrangements. If you request a deviation from the air routing or tour, you will be responsible for any price increase. Changes include destination, departure or return date and gateway city.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance is HIGHLY recommended to protect your investment. Policies cover lost luggage, medical expenses, trip interruptions, emergency evacuation, etc. Many individual medical policies do not cover emergencies abroad. Contact us or TravelSafe for details, particularly if you have a pre-existing condition.

Click link to get travel insurance quote-

ACCOMMODATIONS: Every effort is made to use hotels noted in itinerary, however, can be subject to change. If necessary, the substituted hotel will be equivalent to those listed. Note hotels outside U.S. may be less equipped than those we are used to here. Most hotels are first class hotels, twin bedded with private bath. Hotel rooms are assigned ROH “run of the house meaning the hotel, lodge or boat assign these rooms prior to arrival. In smaller hotels-we may take up every room and they may not all be exactly the same. Size, views, locations, etc. may vary from room to room. It’s just the luck of the draw who gets what.

LAND PRICES: Are not guaranteed until Final Payment. Foreign currencies & exchange rate to USD fluctuate daily and could affect price. We have absorbed these sudden increases in the past and will continue to do so when nominal. If necessary although unlikely, applicable charges will be advised prior to your final payment date.

HEALTH ISSUES: Participant must be in good health. At time of booking, we must be advised of any physical disability or mental condition that could affect your ability to participate. AFS reserves the right to decline any reservation or remove anyone from a trip.

Special dietary needs –  If you are vegan, gluten-free, have unusual allergies whatever, we will do our best to accommodate. Know that some countries are better suited accommodating this than others  Ultimately it’s your responsibility.

Our trips can be active.  You’re responsible to inform on your booking form of any special accommodations or limitations you may have participating in our daily activities.

FITNESS: Please note some activities may have a weight restriction (i.e. zip-lines). Participation is at the local guides discretion.  Any disability requiring special attention must be reported to us at the time of reservation.   Please call us pre-trip if you have any concerns with this.  Failure to inform us can be considered a cancellation.   

PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  AFS trips have three payment points:

1.   Initial Deposit.   

2.  Mid-Point Payment on trips later in the year.  A second trip deposit is due.  You can mail a check or call in your credit card info to pay this.

3.   Final PaymentEach payment due date is specified on the specific Trip Itinerary and on your Trip Registration Details page once registered for a trip. Be mindful. late payments can be considered a cancellation subject to penalty.

FINAL PAYMENT:  Usually due 120 days prior departure unless stated otherwise on itinerary or trip tips.  This pays trip in full – Land Price + any options selected. Please make this payment by check, money order or bank wire. If you choose to pay by credit card, a processing fee will be applied to your invoice with instructions to subtract this amount paying by check.    International clients can request bank wiring instructions. Final payments not made when due can be considered a cancellation subject to forfeiture of money paid.  

 INITIAL TRIP DEPOSIT: Due upon registration. Creates trip registration and is paid by credit card without processing fees. On land packages deposits fully refundable less $50 until Mid-Point Payment (when applicable) due date.   You may switch deposit to another trip is possible (if space allows) up until Mid-Point Payment due date one time without a fee.  A second switch to another trip in the year’s calendar incurs a $50 switching fee.  Final payments usually due 120 days prior departure, unless stated otherwise on itinerary or trip tips.• For cruises only – Your deposit is refundable less $100 until mid-point payment.

CANCELLATION FEES:  Number of days prior to tour commencement:

• 130 to 121 days – No refund of initial deposit and 50% of 2nd deposit (when applicable)

• 120  to departure – No refund

Travel insurance can mitigate penalties when you buy this 21 days after initial deposit. (You can guess on the exact amount with air and adjust exact final cost with insurance company at a later date.). AFS sells complete tour packages and will not refund should you decide not to partake or are forced to miss a portion of any tour.

Note: Cruise penalties are applicable to each cruise line and may differ from AFS. *Please note cruise terms and cancellation penalties may be different depending on the cruiseline. This information will be distributed on a per cruise basis.

GROUP AIR RESERVATION CANCELLATION: We are offering group air less often now due to lack of interest.  When its offered, you may opt out of group air any time prior to 131 days without penalty. A $100 penalty will be imposed when canceling off group air within 129 days of departure until 121. (This is due to stricter airline group air penalties and numerous clients who choose group air only to change their mind at time of ticketing.) After tickets are issued all airline terms apply. Moving Initial Deposit to a Different Trip: This is possible up until Mid-Point payment due date for the currently registered trip. This is possible ONE TIME – after 1st change, a $50 fee will be assessed. If trip switching after Mid-Point due date, Mid-Point payment is due at time of switch.

 AFS reserves the right to use the canceled space as we wish. Airlines may impose added penalties after you are ticketed. Should your cancellation in full or in part cause any airline, cruise line or land supplier to impose a fee on AFS, these fees will be added to the above cancellation fee schedule. In case of cancellation where the party is occupying a shared room, the cost of a single supplement for the roommate may be added to the cancellation penalties.

Cruise Cancellation– Please note cruise terms and cancellation penalties may be different depending on the cruise line. This information will be distributed on a per cruise basis.

NSF checks will be redeposited 3 times and assessed a minimum of $30 by our bank.

RESPONSIBILITIES: AFS operates solely as an independent contractor. The services of transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, etc. are provided by suppliers. We issue tickets and travel documents as an agent for the companies that provide these services and they are subject to terms and conditions of the respective suppliers.AFS and its suppliers will make every effort to operate tours as disclosed. However, circumstances beyond our control may arise requiring an adjustment to the tour or amend the itinerary. We will do all possible to avoid any changes and to offer substitutions, but we reserve the right to make such modifications if deemed necessary. If the services set forth cannot be supplied, we will supply comparable services and accommodation. Additional expenses, if any, shall be on the participant. Conversely, a refund will be made if savings are affected. AFS is not responsible for loss or damage to property, baggage, accident, illness, injury or death to persons resulting from any act of suppliers or caused by strike, war, weather, delays, and government regulations or any cause beyond reasonable control. Services are subject to laws of the country where service is rendered. Although we investigate each destination thoroughly, we have no special knowledge of changes in foreign entry requirements or health hazards in regions we travel. Participants are responsible for verifying any health conditions that could exist at a trip destination. You may visit the State Dept. or CDC websites for details. We reserve the right to remove you from a trip if you have not been forthright with your physical limitations up until the day of departure. Any suits in connection with this Agreement shall be litigated, if at all, in the courts of Cobb County, Georgia, to the exclusion of other courts in other states.  We will advise you on certain destination details like travel visas for US citizens and suggest travel meds, however rules can change on a moment’s notice in any country. You assume full responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccinations or other entry requirements. The US State Dept. website is

FINAL NOTES:  We encourage a seat rotation system and no smoking policy onboard the motor coaches. Tour costs are based on a minimum number or participants and if not met, a new costing may be required.  AFS reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour in accordance with operating requirements.  Participant must be in good health. If disabled, we request a companion to accompany you.AFS reserves the right to refuse service to any participant that may be deemed disruptive to the group.  Participant is responsible for being on time for flights and tours and will not be reimbursed if that portion is missed due to absence. International flights require airport check-in three (3) hours prior to departure.  Payment of the tour is regarded as agreement to the above conditions.