Bali, Komodo Island & Singapore

Mar 30 - Apr 10, 2022  Bali, Komodo, Flores and Singapore   “Coral Reefs & Komodo Dragons in the South Pacific” Join us on this multi-faceted gem of 3 stunning regions on one amazing vacay. There aren’t
Image by Michael Oberbillig from Pixabay

Namaste, Beautiful Bhutan

Apr 5 - 13, 2022  Bhutan - Cradled in the Himalayas This is a perfect add-on to our Nepal trip or a stand-alone vacay.  Bhutan is a peaceful, isolated land nestled in the cradle of the

Magical Mongolia, Gobi Desert, “The Great Wide Open”

Aug 16-24, 2022 Magical Mongolia and Gobi, “The Great Wide Open” Imagine a Kingdom of Singing Sand Dunes, Flaming Cliffs, throat singers, 2 humped camels and dinosaur eggs. Come follow the footsteps of where Marco Polo
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Adventure & Luxury in Thailand

 October 20-30, 2022  “Jungles, Beaches and Elephants” - Pure Thailand  October 20-30, 2022   Small Group!  AFS knows Thailand well. This is our 12th group here. You may have been here before but each time, we raise the bar