Solo sailing panama canal

 2 Country Windstar Sailing Yacht through the Panama Canal

Feb 1- 9, 2019 This exotic cruise has been on my radar for years. Our past groups loved it but now we will be experiencing it on a 5-star sailing yacht!
Solo travel Lapland

Northern Lights in Lapland’s Winter Playground

Feb 12-19, 2019   A glistening Arctic kingdom of snow and ice awaits for what will be your coolest vacation ever!  Can you say Aurora Borealis three times fast? You’ll witness

“Pyramids, Pharaohs & Mummies – Oh My!”

March 15-23, 2019  Exotic and timeless – Egypt! Play witness to an ancient culture that shaped the world. Walk the paths of the pharaohs and cruise the Nile on a

“Galapagos Islands Cruise and Amazon Rainforest Adventure”

May 5 – 12, 2019    Come sail away with AFS to commune with nature in its purest form.  Over 9 days, you’ll see an extreme diversity of nature’s wonders

“Aloha Hawaiian Islands”: Solo Trip To Hawaii – Sold Out

Dec 3 - 10, 2018  Mahalo! Come embrace a slice of the Big Pineapple with the best of Hawaii on an AFS vacation sensation. This tropical paradise is a world its