Marrakesh Express to a Festival of Roses and the Wild Sahara

Camels to Casbahs – Morocco

May 9-17, 2022   “Camels to Kasbahs” – Morocco! Marrakesh Express to a Festival of Roses   Join us on the route of a Thousand Kasbahs and a midnight at the oasis that you’ll never forget. It’s time

Turkish Delight: Sold Out

May 21-30, 2022 Turkey ver 30 years, we’ve sent dozens of groups here, even 37 AFSers in September and all raved about the thrills it provided. You may have been here before, but maybe not to

“Mysteries of Easter Island”

Nov 18 - 22, 2022   AFS Chile Trip Extension to Easter Island What’s the most remote inhabited island on the planet? Windswept Easter Island discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722. So isolated, this volcanic island