Solo sailing panama canal

Paradise in Panama & Captivating Costa Rica

Feb 1- 9, 2019 This exotic cruise has been on my radar for years. Our past groups loved it but now we will be experiencing it on a 5-star sailing yacht!

“Aloha Hawaiian Islands”: Solo Trip To Hawaii – One spot for woman

Dec 3 - 10, 2018  Mahalo! Come embrace a slice of the Big Pineapple with the best of Hawaii on an AFS vacation sensation. This tropical paradise is a world its

“Elephant Love and Floating Lanterns”

NOV 4-14, 2019  ​The best vacations are the ones with the most compelling stories to share. You’ll be talking about this one forever with all the playful experiences we packed

“Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh”

NOV 25-DEC 4, 2019  Seeking an exotic adventure?  This is a Holy Grail expedition two trending Dessert Kingdoms that will provide thrills beyond all expeditions!  It’s scenery so dreamy, the

“Panda Valley and Avatar Halleluiah Mountains”

OCT 22-31, 2019   Step into a virtual fairytale land of China’s most surreal, mystical, ancient and thrilling regions. If you love pandas, breathtaking scenic wonders, cultural immersion and an

“Pyramids, Pharaohs & Mummies – Oh My!”

March 15-23, 2019  Exotic and timeless – Egypt! Play witness to an ancient culture that shaped the world. Walk the paths of the pharaohs and cruise the Nile on a
Greece solo group tour

“Mamma Mia, Let’s Break Some Plates!”

June 14-22, 2019   Experience thrills in wild kingdoms in three African countries – each with distinct ecosystems that are packed with animals. We really raised the bar here. It’s