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“Expedition Pure New Zealand”

April 11 to 21, 2019   Kia Ora all, it’s time to meet the Kiwis! Join us on a journey to this proud nation that’s surging to the top travelers’ choice
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Paradise in Panama & Captivating Costa Rica

Feb 1- 9, 2019 This exotic cruise has been on my radar for years. Our past groups loved it but now we will be experiencing it on a 5-star sailing yacht!
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Northern Lights in Lapland’s Winter Playground

Feb 12-19, 2019   A glistening Arctic kingdom of snow and ice awaits for what will be your coolest vacation ever!  Can you say Aurora Borealis three times fast? You’ll witness

“Cars, Cigars and Cuba At Large”

NOV 3-9, 2019  Come, step back in time with AFS. There's no doubt Cuba is a unique destination to visit. So much history over hundreds of years and so much

“Elephant Love and Floating Lanterns”

NOV 4-14, 2019  ​The best vacations are the ones with the most compelling stories to share. You’ll be talking about this one forever with all the playful experiences we packed

“Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh”

NOV 25-DEC 4, 2019  Seeking an exotic adventure?  This is a Holy Grail expedition two trending Dessert Kingdoms that will provide thrills beyond all expeditions!  It’s scenery so dreamy, the

“Panda Valley and Avatar Halleluiah Mountains”

OCT 22-31, 2019   Step into a virtual fairytale land of China’s most surreal, mystical, ancient and thrilling regions. If you love pandas, breathtaking scenic wonders, cultural immersion and an

“Pyramids, Pharaohs & Mummies – Oh My!”

March 15-23, 2019  Exotic and timeless – Egypt! Play witness to an ancient culture that shaped the world. Walk the paths of the pharaohs and cruise the Nile on a

“Galapagos Islands Cruise and Amazon Rainforest Adventure”

May 5 – 12, 2019    Come sail away with AFS to commune with nature in its purest form.  Over 9 days, you’ll see an extreme diversity of nature’s wonders
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New! Churchill Polar Bear Tours Express – Sold Out

Oct 20 - 25, 2018  Join us on a Tundra Buggy adventure to the Polar Bear Capital of the world!  Canada holds two-thirds of the world’s polar bears with the

“Baptized in Adventure” #1″

Sept 6- 15, 2019  Join us on an unforgettable adventure a spiritual journey into two holy lands of desert sands. Both Israel and Jordan are treasure troves of discovery, inspiration
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“Mamma Mia, Let’s Break Some Plates!”

June 14-22, 2019   Experience thrills in wild kingdoms in three African countries – each with distinct ecosystems that are packed with animals. We really raised the bar here. It’s