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Are you ready to embark on a vacation for solo travelers?

Embrace the excitement of group vacation packages to elevate your traveling experience. Not only are group vacations one of the safest ways to travel, but the arrangement opens up endless opportunities to extend your social circle. As you make new friends, your excursions will allow you to build rich memories with your newfound travel companions. In addition, you will retain the ability to choose between following the itinerary or doing your own thing every step of the way. Here are five awesome upcoming exotic vacation packages to consider for your next solo getaway.

Do not delay booking a vacation for solo travelers. These trips fill up FAST. Interested parties will be able to APPLY OCTOBER 2019. Contact Us today to be one of the first notified for these best solo travel vacation opportunitites.

Discover the Galapagos Adventures

The wonders of the Galapagos will be at your fingertips when you select our exotic vacation packages this dreamy destination. On your solo travel trip, the impressive volcanic island landscapes, gorgeous waterways, and their native wildlife will offer impressive displays from morning ‘til night. Your guide will keep you busy enjoying all the wonders the region has to offer or you can head out on your own adventures. You will meet the legendary Galapagos tortoises, the playful and energetic sea lions, the adorable Galapagos penguin, and you might even witness a cunning jaguar! If you’re ready for a tropical adventure discover the Galapagos Adventures.

Journey Through Spain

Often touted as a life-changing endeavor, a journey through Spain opens up amazing opportunities to enjoy the world. The stunning landscapes will surely give pause as our guide leads you through the Camino de Santiago and Cape Finisterre hikes. As one of our exclusive group of AFS pilgrims, you will experience Spain in a whole new way as you travel from Sarria to Santiago.  here are many other ruins around Tarragona as well including an amphitheater by the sea. Also known as the city of human towers, Tarragona originated this deep-rooted tradition that has been recognized by UNESCO on their Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The city lives and breathes this tower building spirit which requires the commitment and bravery of many people.

Sail Down the Nile

Allow your trusted travel tour companies to facilitate your exploration of everything Egypt has to offer. Your solo vacation will allow you to sail down the Nile, view the Pyramids of Giza up close and shop in the world’s oldest souks. You will experience the hospitality and luxury of this region while remaining safe and secure as you travel with our guides. This adventure will be able to view in OCTOBER. DO NOT MISS!!!

Gaze Upon the Northern Lights

The spectacular Northern Lights await your gaze, so plan your AFS adventure to Finland soon to take it all in. On your solo trip, you will have the ability to make your polar dreams come true with snow-blanketed forests, woodland saunas, and reindeers galore. You can fill every evening with delightful views of the bright Northern Lights as they dance across the open sky. This adventure will be able to view in OCTOBER. DO NOT MISS!!!

Cruise Through the Panama Canal

As the 8th wonder of the world, the Panama Canal has endless sights to see – and the best way to experience it all is from the decks of an AFS cruise ship. On your AFS adventures, you will see a delightful array of native rainforest wildlife, from sloths and monkeys to macaws and toucans. You can spend your days swimming and be playing on the world-famous beaches of Panama, including the Isla Parida Nature Preserve. This adventure will be able to view in OCTOBER. DO NOT MISS!!!

Schedule Your Perfect Vacation for Solo Travelers

Exotic vacation packages for solo travelers fill up fast, so it is important to reserve your spot ahead of time. To move forward with your solo travel plans, contact AFS Travelers by calling 877-813-9421. We will help transform your solo vacation ideas into fully-realized plans with our exotic vacation packages. Contact us today to allow us to partner with you in planning all your a vacation for solo travelers.

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