Some of our jocular lingo…Can you add more?

TFF:Travel Friend Forever
WST:Well Seasoned Traveler
NewB:AFS First Timer
Bag Hag:Over packer
Big Daddy On Wheels:Refrigerator size suitcase
FOMO/AT:Fear Of Missing Out/AFS Trip
DDS:Double down shopper, comes with one suitcase and returns with three
Passport Hound:Desperately seeking more stamps aka Stampofile
A Ginger:AFS fashionista dressed to the nines in Africa bush (see Suzy)
AFS Bragasaurous:Boasts of number of AFS trips done
Clientilicious:Handsome/pretty AFS client or AFS poster boy/girl
Recycled Queen:Wearing same outfits over and over on trip
LCC:Local Currency Challenged
AFS Rainman:Someone who knows currency, weather, distances off the top of their head
A Cliff Clavin:Someone who claims to know more than our professional licensed guide and is always wrong
LOL:Luggage Over Limit
Global Guru:Been everywhere
EUO:Europe Only Client
Water Baby:Cruise only client
3rd Worldaphobe:Needs American amenities
Destination Diva:Luxury trips only
AFS Guide Sponge:One who hogs guides attention on group tours
BCNT:Big Cheap Non-Tripper
Scattered & Smothered:AFS client needing special assistance
AFS Cloneables:Fun AFS group members
Mix Master:Client masters the art of mixing & mingling
Discovery Dreamer:Only travels by Discovery/Nat Geo channels
GTL’s: Gracious Travel Leaders aka our trip escorts
Squatty Potty:No western toilet
Target Practice:The art of using a squat toilet
ET:Client always trying to phone home
Chainsaw Massacre:Loud snoring room mate
PC:Punctually Challenged
PTSD:Post Travel Sadness Disorder
AFS Recovery Wizard:Never affected by jetlag
TZS:Travel Zombie Syndrome after long-haul flight
AFS Trip Purgatory:The period one waits until thrilling departure
Vacation-airres disease:Medical condition of always wanting to book a trip
Trip-o-holism:Medical condition of always wanting to book a trip
Adventuristis:Medical condition of always wanting to book a trip
Tripaphilia:Medical condition of always wanting to book a trip

Can you think of more?  If so email them to Suzy.